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"...another reason I'm intrigued with the hanged of Salem, especially the women, is that a number of them aroused suspicion in the first place because they were financially independent, or sharp-tongued, or kept to themselves. In other words, they were killed off for the same sort of life I live right now but with longer skirts and fewer cable channels." Sarah Vowell, The partly cloudy patriot.


A certain kitten dodged a bullet

Stinkerbelle almost got a baby brother today*. Were I not unemployed (and thus too poor to pay the fee, much less provide health care), we would be accompanied tonight by a teeny tiny little pale orange boy named Scooter.

I held the stinky (literally, I had to wash my hands three times to get the stinky smell off) kitten for like 15 minutes today. He just nuzzled into my neck and purred his little adorable heart out. Every once in a while he would root for milk from my neck (when stinkerbelle was a kitten, she would try to get it from my earlobes), and chewed a little on my fingers. He was 3 months old, and I loved him.

I totally wouldn't have changed his name either - Scooter is a great name (although I don't really like the connection to Scooter Libby - but Scooter is very close to my grandfather's nickname for me).

I'm pretty sure Stinkerbelle is relieved - although I would be really curious to see how she would react to a teeny tiny kitten. She was fascinated by my stinky hands.

I almost adopted a puppy too. Well, he was 2 years old, and a cross between a pug and a scruffy terrier. So fricking cute! His name was Jake.

* One of the animal shelters had a bunch of adoptable pets downtown today. I was in heaven. I hope every single baby got adopted. I wish they did this every weekend.


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