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"...another reason I'm intrigued with the hanged of Salem, especially the women, is that a number of them aroused suspicion in the first place because they were financially independent, or sharp-tongued, or kept to themselves. In other words, they were killed off for the same sort of life I live right now but with longer skirts and fewer cable channels." Sarah Vowell, The partly cloudy patriot.


Early television alzheimers

I'm watching the second part of season 6 of the sopranos ... obtained creatively, since I don't have cable.

It seems to me as though you really have to not just be obsessed with a show, you have to watch it multiple times in order to remember everything. All these characters keep coming on that I thought were dead already. I can't remember names or the minutiae of relationships or grudges ... and I especially can't when there has been a break in a season - or between seasons. The same issues occurred for me with Veronica Mars - I had trouble really remembering the details of it - Lost too. Is it age? Too many complicated serialized television shows? More complex plots since the internet? What did people do before the internet in order to help them remember details? Like, I don't know - back when Dynasty was on, how did people remember all the plot points in between seasons? Once a new season began, how did they remember all the stuff that happened in the prior season? Or were people just so much less inundated with information and characters back then that basically Dynasty was the only show they had to remember, so it wasn't hard? I mean, if it's basically Dynasty, the Love Boat, and family feud on tv - what's hard to remember?



At 3:06 PM, Blogger Anastasia said...

whenever we're watching the sopranos, we have this conversation a lot:

Me: who is that guy again?
my husband: I don't know.
Me: Okay.


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