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"...another reason I'm intrigued with the hanged of Salem, especially the women, is that a number of them aroused suspicion in the first place because they were financially independent, or sharp-tongued, or kept to themselves. In other words, they were killed off for the same sort of life I live right now but with longer skirts and fewer cable channels." Sarah Vowell, The partly cloudy patriot.


I may be way off, but again, I think someone's pants are on fire

A woman and her three children were found shot to death in an SUV in the midwest. The dad was questioned by police and said that he had stopped the car and had gotten out to fix something on the roof. When he got back to get into the car, his wife had a gun and shot him in the leg, at which point he ran off into the woods. When he came back, they were all dead.

First, if it is an SUV, how logistically would a woman who is sitting in the passenger seat hit the leg of someone standing to get into the car? I guess it is possible, but seems like a really odd angle. It'd be much easier to hit an arm or the chest.

Second, let's say she killed the kids and herself - why would she not kill her husband? It doesn't fit.

Third, if your partner had a gun and was alone with your three kids - wouldn't you fight like hell to get that gun?

The dude is described as lavishing his wife with gifts (can anyone say "honeymoon period"?), putting her on a "pedastal," yet not being very "social." I don't know, I think something's rotten in Denmark.


At 3:37 PM, Blogger Anastasia said...

wow...the lavishing her with gifts thing is actually really creepy given the rest of the information. i say something is rotten in denmark...

At 9:57 PM, Blogger shrinkykitten said...

Yes, and lavishing gifts is a way some batterers atone for their violence.

I will need to do a post soon - but I am getting overwhelmed by the number of women and children killed here this week alone. And most of them were clearly by partners or parents. I don't think I'm just more aware of it - as this is something I've paid attention to for a long time. I don't know if there have been more though than during other summers.


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