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"...another reason I'm intrigued with the hanged of Salem, especially the women, is that a number of them aroused suspicion in the first place because they were financially independent, or sharp-tongued, or kept to themselves. In other words, they were killed off for the same sort of life I live right now but with longer skirts and fewer cable channels." Sarah Vowell, The partly cloudy patriot.


It's a miracle (and it's all B*'s fault)

One of the super duper cool things about blogger meetups is that you get presents! Presents! This was totally unexpected, and super duper cool.

When Lucy (of pigpuppet came) she sent me yummy yummy chocolate mice (one was coconut - I still dream about that mouse, yum!) afterwards and a hand-knitted mouse for stinkerbelle (she loves that mouse so much - and it is freaking incredible - I don't even know how she did it!). We were in mouse heaven!

When B* came, she sent me some yummy white chocolate lotion (hmmm...notice a chocolate theme?) that I had been slathering all over myself when she and I went to CO Bigelow - and some yummy maple syrup lipgloss (I am so addicted to maple).

In addition - bath and body works sent along some samples (I love me some samples!). I tried one of them finally last week - it was an overnight protein treatment by Frederic Fekkai. It was such a small sample, I could basically only put it on the hair at my part and on my bangs. But damn, my bangs and my part-hair were miraculously transformed into real hair!

You put the stuff on at night and then sleep with it on - and then wash it off the next morning (I just rinsed it off and then used a little cream rinse - there's no such thing as too much conditioner with my hair). My bangs and part hair were super duper smooth and they behaved! My hair never behaves! It is normally huge and puffy and frizzy (my nickname in high school was "Fluffy")(well, that was one of my nicknames) and with the sudden summer heat, has been particularly unhappy and unmanageable. I've been thinking of chopping it all off.

But that stuff! It is teh miracle of bangs and part hair! But, the problem is that it is $65.00! Yup, that's right. Despite the price - I wanted to see if it would be a miracle for my whole head of hair. After all, the bangs and part hair are newer hair - not so unhappy and not so frizzy. The real test is the whole head of my mess of a hair.

I particularly wanted to try this for the day of my interview so that I might at least have good hair, even if I had pox all over my face and pussy buboes all over my hands. Distract them with shiny hair, and they won't see the pus oozing from your skin (or that's the theory anyway).

So, I went to CO Bigelow and asked if I could get a large enough sample to try on my whole head of hair. You would think I had asked if I could take a bath in their little sink - the horror and disdain was apparent - even though they are supposed to have a very liberal sampling policy - and even though I was just trying to follow up on a free sample I had gotten from them, and that if it is indeed a miracle - once I am independently wealthy, I will purchase it!

She gave me a teeny tiny sample of it - like the size of a lifesaver.

Now, I'm not proud of this - but then I went to sephora and begged for samples there. I got two more lifesaver-sized containers worth of it there too. I kept saying I had I lot of hair (which is apparent - or at least it is apparent that it is long) - but that's all I got.

So, I am trying it tonight (I rinsed it out already - my hair takes hours and hours to dry - so I can't do it tomorrow morning). I'm both hoping and not that it is a miracle for the whole head of hair.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger StyleyGeek said...

One of the super duper cool things about blogger meetups is that you get presents!

I am so glad I read your blog. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about this piece of etiquette! And on the off-chance I ever do meet another blogger, I would be doomed to be hated and reviled and never invited to the cool kids' parties again.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger BrightStar said...

styley - you can send the presents later! after you meet the person face-to-face and get a better sense of what they like!

shrinky - that was really smart to go to more than one store to get multiple samples. I agree with you: How can you know if it will work for you unless you have enough for your whole head? I hope it works for you AND I hope it goes on sale.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger shrinkykitten said...

styley: that would never happen as you are the queen of cool kids.

I forgot to say that the absolute best thing about blogger meet ups is simply meeting up! I'm such a greedy gummy sometimes.

b*: I know! It behooves them to let me sample enough to try it on the whole damnable head! It worked okay - but I think leaving it on all night is much better. Fekkai has some much cheaper protein conditioners - so I may have to go beg samples of those!


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