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"...another reason I'm intrigued with the hanged of Salem, especially the women, is that a number of them aroused suspicion in the first place because they were financially independent, or sharp-tongued, or kept to themselves. In other words, they were killed off for the same sort of life I live right now but with longer skirts and fewer cable channels." Sarah Vowell, The partly cloudy patriot.


I can has head protection?

First a comic break:

Is there anything one can do to protect one's head when one sleeps? That is, when you can tell that the weather is shifting (or the forecasters say it will) and that the humidity changes are likely going to result in some freakishly excruciating migraines, is there anything you can do to prevent that? I'm looking for home remedies here - don't suggest doctors, I have no insurance and no money - and when I have those, I do see a neurologist, and want to see an allergist.

I would have thought that using an air conditioner (is that what it is called? what a weird term) would help - but it does nothing. Do humidifiers help prevent the effects of humidity changes?

I took some allergy meds last night, then again early this morning, and then when I got up - but my head is still pounding. I'm particularly annoyed because I was in horrific pain most of the day yesterday, finally got rid of it at about 4pm, and then it is back today.


At 1:23 PM, Blogger Phantom Scribbler said...

I've got nothing for you except to take some Tylenol before bed, along with the allergy meds.

My headaches are usually compounded by the lack of drainage when I'm lying down, so another piece of unhappy advice is to get yourself out of bed and upright as soon as you can in the morning. But mine are sinus problems -- if yours aren't, then ignore that bit.

At 10:01 PM, Blogger SuzanH said...

I tend to sleep almost sitting up, which helps. Also, and this is a killer, but I cut sugar completely out of my diet and I've had FAR fewer migraines since I've done so.

Hope this helps.

At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As crazy as is sounds... wasabi.

I have been having migraines for about a year. I tried some sushi and wasabi and was pleasantly surprised that my migraine pain diminished.

It never totally relieved the migraine pain but it substantially reduced it.


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